About Way2Send

As a company we are ahead of the future!

We optimize the after-sales systems for our logistic and e-commerce customers, using solutions that are not available on the Polish market. We provide state-of-the-art technology. We rely on unique original ideas that will become popular over time. With us you can transcend the ordinary even today, growing dynamically and multiplying your profits.

As a company we are efficient at pursuing our goals

In 2013, at the start, Way2Send had one employee and was our second job. At present our team is constantly growing and we cooperate with several companies on an outsourcing basis. But we still provide everyone with friendly atmosphere of a family business. Our daily work and technological vision guarantee the best quality of delivery. We focus on the efficiency of our customers and our own.

As a company we are constantly evolving

We are relentlessly developing various functionalities to connect with any sales platform, with any ERP system, with any courier service. Due to the increasingly extensive demand for the industry, we are entering European markets. We enhance our offer for retailers and brands around the world. In order to best respond to the challenges of current times, we have obtained 2 million zloty for development.

Work with the best
– work with Way2Send

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